22 September 2015

Written by Jon Mort

Why Adaptavist Labs?

What is this site about?

Through out our 10 year history Adapavist has been an active member of the Atlassian developer community from contributing to the plugin system that underlies all add-ons to writing the precursor to the Universal Plugin Manager. We believe that the community around Atlassian is vital and it is our intention on this site to share some of our experience writing add-ons, automating the tools, builds and use of the Atlassian (and associated) tools from a development and operations perspective. This site comes from the delivery teams within Adaptavist who work on products, bespoke development and our managed services offerings. Adaptavist Labs will also serve as a platform and hub for our open source projects.

No guarantees are made about frequency of posts and content comes with no warranty - YMMV, buyer beware etc.

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